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the things that are free

Jane Elliott

it’s so easy to imagine 

the leaves are changing just for me

a reward i didn’t earn

there are nice things i get for free


i know the snow is coming soon

and i’ll go outside to see

down on my knees observing

the nice things i get for free


in march i know for certain

where the crocuses will be

you’ll pick and place one in my hair

a nice thing you did for free


i think i might be cold forever

but i’m cured by the sun and the sea

i taught you how to jump in the waves

you couldn’t believe it was free


i wish i had something 

to give in return

my hands tremble with hope and with fear

we chant and we march

we listen and learn 

and i hope and pray to god that they hear

maybe i’ll show them 

the things that are free

the crocus you keep in your pocket

you wonder if they knew

how to jump in the waves

would they still be so worried about profits

Jane is a high school student in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her interests include baking, gushing over her cats (even when they are being little bastards), and yelling in front of city hall. She has entirely too many thoughts and writes them down as often as she can.

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