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We are currently closed for submissions. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram to hear when submissions open again!


Who can submit?

As we are a youth magazine, we only accept submissions from those under the age of 19. We also don't tend to accept work from those younger than the age of 7, however if you fall into this category and are eager to submit, we encourage you to do so!

We are looking for:

Word count

Poetry should be kept under 1,000 words, while short stories and essays should be no more than 5,000 words.

What's acceptable

We accept a wide variety of literary work.  This embodies nearly all non-fiction, prose and poetry. We are interested in publishing a range of work, and if you aren't sure if your piece(s) fit our guidelines, send us an email and we'll let you know. We are especially looking for work which expresses unique and enlightening perspectives.

What's not acceptable

We do not accept fan fiction, works rooted in bigotry, or any other subject matter that could be considered inappropriate.


We are now accepting artwork for the cover of each issue! When submitting artwork, we encourage you to refer to the issue's prescribed theme, sending in the work that you think best encapsulates what the issue's all about. Please note that we will only be able to accept one piece per issue - we can only have one cover! Additionally, while we're still looking for artwork from young people, we're a little more lenient with age for our art submissions.


Please send all written submissions via our Google Form, and cover art submissions to Multiple submissions are allowed, as are simultaneous submissions. We will contact you if we are interested in publishing your work.


Please copy your written submission into a Google Doc with viewing and commenting privileges granted to us, and attach the link to the Google Form. Your submission should be in a 12 point Times New Roman font or another reasonable font with 1" margins. Please put the title of your work as the title of the Google Doc, as well as the issue number for which your are submitting (e.g. Title - Issue 2).

Art submissions should be submitted as a .jpg file. In the body of your email, you must tell us your real name and age. You may also state other personal biographical details like your pronouns, county or region.

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