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my something

Laura Worth

More than anything I crave something 

A sentence that plagues me 

Out of the sheer curiosity 

For it is one of few things I know to be true 

But for the life me I couldn’t define it for you


My something is in the crazed adventures with friends 

The laughter and love we wish would never end 

It’s a cafe in Italy enveloped in vines

A coffee on my table, with nothing but time 

It’s the allure of art with its abstract lines 


It’s a beat up blue car driving slowly as I travel 

Its paint peeling, passing sights that dazzle 

It’s the liquid gold of the sun before its peaceful death  

The way it dips the earth in nature's riches 

It’s the luminous glow of my friends when they smile 


The way their faces light up, bright and wild 

It’s the sensation felt when submerged in a good book

How reality just fades and you’re engulfed in its world  

It’s the smell of my vanilla perfume on a brisk winter morning 

The way it clings, doing all that it can to warm me 


It’s the sparkle of my rings when I dive in the ocean 

The perfection of it all as if they’re finally in their element 

It’s the constellations from my backyard with the clarity of summer  

My cousin at my side, her eyes glazed with wonder 

It’s the dainty blue of the forget me knots that bloom 


Their angelic beauty so tragically overlooked 

It’s the calmness of the beach when the sun sets

The pure joy with her there I could never forget  

It’s the poetic music that always puts me in a trance 

The elegance of the lyrics, a graceful dance 


Delight should not be taken for granted

It’s what drives our decisions, keeps us enchanted 

It’s truly what makes life worth living 

It’s an uncontainable smile, the feeling it brings 

For more than anything, I crave the somethings 

Laura Worth is a 15 year old Canadian poet

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