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Join our staff 

We are currently looking for volunteer staff to help in running this journal! These positions are entirely remote - no in person work required. Each application is read on a case by case basis. Additionally, please note that these are exclusively volunteer positions.


Fiction/Prose Reader

While we receive fewer fiction submissions relative to poetry submissions, these tend to be fairly long. You can expect to contribute roughly an hour or two a week towards reading, discussing, and selecting from our fiction submissions. 

Poetry Reader

Entails reading and helping in selecting new poetry to publish. Our submissions consist primarily of poetry, so you can expect to contribute roughly an hour or two a week. You'll largely do the same work as our fiction readers - reading, discussing, and helping in selecting which submissions to publish.

Non-fiction Reader

Due to our typically lower number of non-fiction submissions, the hours for this position are significantly lower than for our other positions. Despite this, you'll be doing the same jobs as our other readers - reading, discussing, and selecting works for publication.

Other positions

Have an idea about how you could contribute to the journal? Maybe you're a whiz at graphic design, or have a knack for community outreach. Either way, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us at


We are ideally looking for applicants between the ages of 13-25. Prior experience within the literary community is strongly preferred, though not required. Other than that, we're looking for people passionate and excited about exposing young, talented artists to the broader community.


Please submit your application to Additionally, please title your email as "Application", alongside the position you are applying for (e.g. Application - Poetry Reader). Within the body of your email, attach any documents you deem relevant, such as a resume, writing or editing samples, etc. 

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