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i had a dream

Veronica Rosewater

i had a dream

i had a dream about you

sometimes that means something

sometimes i pretend it’s nothing


you never seem to get a clue

i had a dream about you

we were so in love

you could spot be smiling from up above


and for once i knew

I had a dream

where you and me

held hands so innocently


and i still don’t know what that would mean

in our dream

about you and i

we could never die

and i gave you a ring as soft as cream


and in that dream

about we

about us

i fought the urge to scream

when in that dream


realising that we

you and me

you and i

who can never die

could never forever be.


- vr

Veronica Rosewater is a 17 year old poet.

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