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Background Character

Ilana Drake

you whispered to 

the bible last 

night, and i 

heard your 

quiet words

echo through

those pages


because you 

hide away, 

fingers clicking

away at the 

laptop in 

hope of finding

a fort for 

your refuge 


i wonder if 

you feel 


when night 

comes under

the flickering



and each summer,

we would

sing about

night turning

into day, 

but the melody

was reminiscent

of our 24 hour



your feet 

left marks

in the sand,

marks that

will grow 

slowly but surely.

Ilana Drake is nineteen years old and is completing her second year at Vanderbilt University. Ilana's work has been featured in Ms. Magazine, PBS NewsHour, and The Tennessean.

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