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About Us

Here, you'll find the people working behind the scenes to bring you every new edition. Check us out!


Ian Monchesky

Wild Thyme Co-Founder, Editor-In-Chief

Ian Monchesky (he/him) is a writer and former competitive swimmer based in Halifax, N.S. He has worked with The Walrus on the Youth for Youth podcast series, and currently serves as a staff contributor for The Lunar Journal. Contact him at


Amelia Penney-Crocker

Wild Thyme Co-Founder, Social Media Manager

Amelia Penney-Crocker (she/her) is a writer and climate activist in Halifax, N.S. She published her first book when she was 12 with Peaceful Schools International. She's involved in theatre and film, writing and directing her first film in 2023. In 2020 she wrote a letter a week to the Prime Minister of Canada about climate for a year. Read her letters and contact her on her website,

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Esther Fisher

Poetry Editor

Esther Fisher (she/her) is a graduate of York University with a BA in English and Creative Writing. In her spare time, she writes poetry when she’s not trying to plot a novel. She has been published with Forget-Me-not Press, Poetry Undressed, Humana Obscura, Firefly Magazine, The Graveyard Zine and The Garden of Venus Zine. She lives in Toronto.


Ella Chen

Non-Fiction Editor

Ella Chen (she/her) is a high-school student currently living in California. She grew to love the art of writing when she started journaling—personal essays are her favorite form of writing. She is also a dancer and a budding mental health activist, and enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and K-pop in her free time. 

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